Mg Ca Zn Injectable solution

Bovine, equine, ovine and porcine.



   Calcium Gluconate                                     8,930 g

   Zinc Gluconate                                           0,314 g

   Hexahydrate Magnesium Chloryde        11,77 g        

   Caffeine                                                       0,100 g

   Vitamin E                                                     500 UI

  Excipients csp                                            100,00 ml



Ionic Concentration:


 Calcium 0,832 g/100 ml               (8,32 mg/ml)        

 Zinc: 0,045 g/100 ml                    (0,45 mg/ml)

 Magnesium: 1,407 g/100 ml       (14,07 mg/ml)




Therapeutic and preventive treatment of  deficiencies associated to Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc.

The treatment of the mentioned deficiencies works in the prevention of tympanites, improves the nutrients assimilation, increases the fodder digestibility, regulates the fermentative processes and increases ruminal flora. It regulates metabolic  oscillations, promotes growth, development and production; immunostimulator, foot rot, ketoconjunctivities, wounds of the  prepuce  and parakeratosis. Hypomagnesemia.




Suggested dose (It can be modified by the veterinary physician according to the deficiency of  minerals: 1 ml each 20 kilos weight SC


Bulls and cows: 20 ml

Young bulls and equine: 15 ml

Calves: 5ml

Ovine and porcine: 5ml

Little lambs(< 1 year), castrated sheeps and lambs: 2-3 ml


In cases of urgency (acute hypomagnesemic tetany) it is suggested to administer  o a total of 100-200mol EV in a slow drop.


Do not exceed 10 ml by application point in the subcutaneous tract.


Feed-Lot: Only 1 dose of 20cc given at the entrance of the animals.

 In winter season:  each 60 days.

Calves at the weaning period, though it may be conventional, precocious or premature: start treatment when separating calves from cow. Repeat each 30-45 days.

Preventive of meteorism: 30cc each 2-3 days before entering the pasture ground. Repeat at 15 to 30  days according to veterinary physician advice (rainy season,  conditions of the pastures, etc)

Acute hypomagnesemia tetany( grass tetany ), apply by intravenous tract (by gravity) 100-200 ml of solution.

Cows at pre-labor: apply 30-45 days previous to birth.

Cows at post-labor: apply within 7 days after birth.

Foot rot: 30 cc., repeat after 15 days, according to veterinary physician.




Administer under the usual asepsis conditions which are  used for every injectable product.

The intramuscular injection can produce certain local pain.

The endovenous injection must be slowly done, because a too fast administration could produce flaccid paralysis, bradycardia and even cardiac arrest.

In cases where there are increases in the respiratory or cardiac rate during treatment, suspend it till normal values are reached again.

In subcutaneous applications, do not exceed 10 ml by place of application.

Do not use if there is precipitate material.

The application of the product must be done under the veterinary physician supervision.

The company does not assume any responsibility for damages derived of  using the product in a different way as indicated in the respective instructions.




In case of foot rot, it is recommended to clean the hoofed foot  and apply a local treatment for accelerating the  recovery.

In cases of tympanic syndrome,  start with  measures for the handling and control of pastures.



Ampul  blister  containing 500 ml



Store between 4 and 30 Centigrade, avoiding direct daylight in an hygienic place, keeping its original package and its sealing strap intact.


































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