Non steroid anti-inflammatory Analgesic



Flunixin meglumine 50 mg/ml -  Injectable solution


Antiinflammatory, with antipyretic analgesic and antiinflammatory action  indicated for the treatment of inflammation and pain for diverse alterations of the skeletal muscle system and for the refief of the visceral pain associated with colics.



In equine, it is specially indicated in the treatment of inflammation of the skeletal muscle system, arthritis and colics. As coadjuvant therapy in the treament of diarrhea in colts, shock stages, respiratory diseases, ophtalmic and general surgeries (pre and post surgery).

Canine: disc alterations, arthritis, acute gastric dilatation and as coadjuvant in diarrhea, shock, ophtalmic inflammations, general and ophtalmic surgery.

Bovine: As adjuvant theraphy in acute respiratory disease, acute mastitis by coliform with endotoxic shock, fever, pain , inflammation and diarrhea in calves.



Injectable, by intramuscular  or endovenous tract.


EQUINE: 1 ml/45 kg (1,1 mg/kg) once a day

In case of colics endovenous tract is recommended though it may be redosed according to the veterinary phisician advice.

In endotoxemia: 1ml each 200 kg/day (0,25 mg/kg/day)

Do administer once a day, no more than 5 consecutive days.


CANINE: 0,1 ml/10 kg (0,5 mg/kg) once a day EV during no more than 3 days.

In ophtalmic indications: 0,05 ml/10 kg (0,25 mg/kg/day) during no more than 5 days. In case it is used for presurgical it may be administered endovenous 30 minutes before surgery.

Acute gastric dilatation: 0,2 ml/10 kg (1 mg/kg) EV just only one dose.

Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract: 0,1 ml/10 kg (0,5 mg/kg) endovenous one or twice a day upto 30 days.

Repeat once a day during a maximum of 3 days.


BOVINE: 2 ml/45 kg/day (2,2 mg/kg/day) as an onset dose, then 1 ml/45 kg (1,1 mg/kg) once a day.

If it is necessary, repeat each 24 hours but no more than 3 days.





It is contraindicated in feline.

Do no administer to pregnant females.

Do not administer to animals hypersensitive to the main drug.

Endoarterial injection should be avoided (since it produces ataxia, uncoordination, hyperventilation and muscle weakness)

Do not administer to animals with gastrointestinal ulcers.

It is contraindicated in animals with hepatic, renal or cardiac impairment.

Safety during pregnancy has not been evaluated, anyway it could be used as long as the benefits of the therapy are greater than the risks involved.

It may interact with other drugs, as other non steroid antiinflammatories do,  thereby  serum levels may be affected and also their duration such as oral anticoagulants, other antiinflammatory agents, sulfonamides.



Endovenous administration should be slowly done.

Do not swallow

In intramuscular injection it is advisable to divide the dose in two points.

Administer only to saddle horses.

Do not exceed recommended dose.


RESTRICTIONS OF USE: Do not slaughter animals for human consumption upto 7 days from last treatment. Milk from the 5 days after treatment must be rejected.

In saddle horses, discontinue treatment 8 days before the competition.



Bottles containing 10 and 25 ml


STORAGE: Keep between 4 and 30C





























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