Ample spectrum  antibiotic


 Bovine, Canine and feline


Cefalexine 18 mg/ml Injectable suspension


Cefalexine is a cefalosporine of first generation, which, as it  is carried in vegetal oil, it has a delayed absorption when it is administered  parenterally.  After the absorption it is widely distributed in the liquid and body tissues, it does not metabollize and its greatest part is excreted by urine (between 70 and 90% of the dose), and is eliminated by glomerular filtration and tubular secretion.


Bactericide antibiotic. It destroys the wall of the bacterial cells because it is joined to a variety of proteins,  which are responsible for the synthesis of the mentioned wall. The interference with such proteins produces death and lysis of the bacterias.


INDICATIONS: treatment of infectious-contagious diseases produced by Gram (+) and Gram (-), germs which are sensitive to Cefalexine (including penicillin-resistant strains.

Infectious diseases of the respiratory system, urinary tract, skin, soft tissues and bone diseases and joints.

Mastitis in lactating cows produced by germs sensitive to cefalexine.


ADMINISTRATION: by intramuscular or subcutaneous tract.


DOSAGE:  Bovine: 7mg/kg weight (1 ml each 25 kg weight)

                   Canine and feline: 10mg/kg weight (0,25 ml each 4,5 kg weight)

                   In both cases administer once a day during no less than 5 days.






250 kg

10 ml


4,5 kg

0,25 ml


4,5 9 kg

0,25 0,5 ml


9,0 27 kg

0,5 1,5 ml


27,0 54 kg

1,5 3,0 ml


Do not administer more than 10ml by point of application. If is necessary, divide.. the dose.  Repeat each 24 hours, not less than 5 days.

It is not advisable to extent  the treatment more than 30 days, since superinfectious can appear by suppression of the normal flora.



 It should be an interval of 4 days between the last treatment and the sacrifize of the animal for human consumption.

There are no restrictions for milk.



. Do not administer to animals allergic to the active principle.

. Shake  before using.

. Keep aseptic conditions during administration.

. Use dried syringes.


PRESENTATION: in ampul bottles containing 100 ml.


STORAGE: keep between 3 and 30 Centigrade.
















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