Ample spectrum prolongued action Antibiotic




Florfenicol 260 mg/ml - Injectable


It is indicated for the treament and control of infectious  produced by microorganisms sensitive to florfenicol, working against an ample spectrum of Gram positive and Gram negative bacterias.


Indicated for the treament of: respiratory diseases, hemorrhagic septicemia,  foot rot, diarrheas in calves, infectious of the reproductive body, infectious keratoconjunctivities, infectious.

Its main action is bacteriostatic and produces  inhibition of the synthesis of the bacterial protein to ribosome level.

The blocking of the protein synthesis is produced because florfenicol is linked to the 50 S portion of ribosome inhibiting the activity of the transferase peptidil, which produces bacterial death.

It is effective for Corynebacterium pyogenes, Streptococcus zooepidemicus, Staphylococcus au Clostridum spp. Eschericchia coli, Pasteurella haemolytica, Pastreurella multocida, Haemophylus somnus, Actinobacillus pleuroneumoniae.


DOSAGE AND  ADMINISTRATION: Apply by intramuscular tract.

Dose: 20mg/kg (1ml each 13 kg weight)

2 (two) doses will be applied with a interval of 48 hours between each one



Do no administer to animals hypersensitive to the active drug.

Do not administer to gestating animals.

Do not administer in males used for reproduction since it provokes an athrophy of the testicular tubular tissue.

Administer upto 10 ml by each point of application.

The intramuscular injection should be done in the neck muscles.


RESTRICTIONS OF USE: Do not send treated animals to be slaughtered  upto 28 days after last application.

Do not administer to unweaned animals.


Net contains: 100 ml




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